15 Unique Ways You and Your SO Can Celebrate Your Anniversary

Image Source: Unsplash / Aricka Lewis

With anniversaries, it becomes more difficult the longer you’re together to top last year’s celebration. A fancy dinner out is probably an exhausted option by now also. Whether you’re looking to impress or to keep things a little more casual this time around, we’ve got creative ideas to help inspire you and your SO to say cheers to another year in the books. Choose from the 15 suggestions ahead!

1) Hire a chef for the night.

Bring the restaurant to you and enjoy a gourmet meal in the comfort of your own home. This is especially a great option if the two of you aren’t the best in the kitchen.

2) Revisit your favorite travel spot.

If there was one particular vacation you both enjoyed the most, go again! Even if it was just an Airbnb in a neighboring city, it’ll be fun reliving those memories again.

3) Re-create your first date.

Bring back those first-date sparks by going to the same restaurant or spot from day one. Bonus points if you wear the same outfits as you did.

4) Have a staycation.

You don’t have to leave the city to enjoy a vacation. Book a room at a nearby hotel you’ve been dying to stay at and order room service.

5) Surprise each other.

Have something planned for each other and take turns revealing what it is. One of you can take the morning while the other has the night.

6) Go wine tasting.

Spend the day visiting winery after winery. Once you agree on a favorite bottle, make it a tradition to drink the same one every year on your anniversary.

7) Make dinner reservations in a different city.

Make dinner into a getaway by making a reservation somewhere that’s been on both of your lists. Make it into a mini day trip or fly in if you really want to go all out.

8) Take an unplanned road trip.

Think of general ideas of where you want to head, but see where the road takes you for the rest of the way. Make pit stops at roadside attractions and make finding where to stay for the night an adventure.

9) Go for a nice brunch instead of dinner.

Reverse the celebration and indulge in a delicious meal at your favorite brunch spot. Spend the rest of your day relaxing and hanging out at home.

10) Pamper yourselves at the spa.

Treat yourselves to a romantic couple’s massage or take turns at home. Whatever you choose, make sure you both dedicate the day to total relaxation.

11) Swap favors.

If there’s something your partner loves to do but you don’t quite enjoy, be open to trying it out on your anniversary. Taking the dance class he or she’s been begging you to do with them, for example, will so be appreciated.

12) Go camping.

Sleeping under the stars will give you much more privacy than any hotel can offer. Escape to the great outdoors for a night of seclusion and campfires.

13) Spend an unplugged day at home.

Your anniversary celebration can be as simple as ditching your devices for the day for some quality time together. Focus on each other instead of your screens.

14) Take a private cooking class together.

Get schooled in the kitchen and try to re-create your masterpiece at home later in the week. Whenever you make the dish, it’ll be an instant reminder of that fun day.

15) Pig out on pizza and Champagne.

Keep things low-key with some delivery and bubbly. As long as you’re acknowledging your love for each other, takeout is always an appropriate way to celebrate.


SOURCE: Pop Sugar

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