My 2015 Style Resolutions

So this is strictly a post to get my thoughts straight. We are now knee deep in 2015 and I honestly just need to reflect on how I intend to spend the rest of the year. Two weeks in, I totally feel like I’ve been slacking when it comes to my outfit selections. Prioritizing comfort and warmth first! I recall once wearing the same chunky knit for three days in a row just because of how warm it kept me. With that said – it’s important I take this time out and list my style goals and aims for the year.Saira4

In 2014, I spent a lot of time selecting choices based on my ease and convenience. My first goal is to be a tad more courageous. Wear colour, prints, and textured fabrics. Although, I love black and can come up with a million different looks with this incredible shade, I need to make it a point to step outside my comfort zone and flirt just a tiny bit more.


When going through my photos from last year, one thing I decided was that I definitely have a minimalistic style. Limited accessories, bare wrists and ONLY pearl earrings. This year, I certainly WILL wear more arm candy, transition from studs to hoops, chandelier ear pieces, and adventurous necklaces.  I don’t know how I intend to do such a thing with bolder wardrobe choices, but I promise to keep you updated.


I know my last article totally was promoting buying everything and anything that could potentially be on sale right now, but I have to cut that out. All of last year, whether I needed it or not, I made sure I purchased everything I remotely liked just because it was on clearance. I ended up with a lot of quantity, and not enough quality. This year will be completely different, 2015 is the year to invest in statement pieces. Designer or not, I’ll repeat outfits in things that are characteristic and unique.


With all that said – it is once again that time to go through my closet and get rid of the old and expired, and put to use the items that make 2015 stand out as a year of growth, maturity and class. So here’s to a year of progress, development and super stylish outfits! Cheers!