3 Goal-Setting Mistakes That Can Kill Your Dreams

Goal-setting is awesome, only when you do it the right way.

Even though setting goals is one of the most powerful tools to accelerate your success, it is not a one-time thing where you can just jot down your dreams and wait for the Santa Claus to hang you the presents.

Goal setting is only the starting tool of the success process.

The real magic comes when you put your intense focus and consistent action in place. And yes, you still have to do the hard work and grind until you succeed.

However, you do want to make sure you set effective goals from Day 1, here are 3 mistakes that most people make that nullify the power of goal setting.

Mistake #1: “I Want… “

A lot of success gurus overlooked this.

Let’s think about it, when you say “I want to lose weight/ earn more money/ have a relationship”, what does it imply?

The wording “I want” implies the fact that you don’t actually have it. When you repeat “I want this, I want that” daily, you are merely repeating the reality of your lack, scarcity or deficiency.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

So instead of repeating what you don’t have, you should write as if the resources were already there. Leave out the words that are stating the obvious.

Mistake #2: Too Vague

Our mind works very similarly to Google’s search engine.

Vague search terms produce vague results. Specific clear search terms produce targeted accurate results.

So do not set goals like “I want to go on a holiday”. Instead, you should write down as detailed as possible like “Take a 7-days, first class trip with Virgin Atlantic to the Maldives with Sara and stay in COMO Cocoa Island”.

Without specificity, you cannot produce the emotional feelings of how awesome it will be when you achieve that, and thus you won’t have enough motivation to follow through until you succeed.

Mistake #3: No Deadlines

Deadlines are the ultimate call-to-action for us.

Humans tend to procrastinate on things until the last minute; this happens whether you are a high school student or a billion dollar company’s CEO.

Deadlines instill urgency to force you to take action now.

So instead of leaving out a specific date when you need to hit your target, you must write things like “Accumulate USD$500,000 in my personal bank account by 17th Sept 2018”.

Of course once you have set these big goals, you will need to break them down into smaller, manageable quarterly, monthly or weekly goals.

The point is, no matter how big or small your goals are, they must be set in specific details with deadlines and written as if you had the resources to accomplish them.


Source: http://EzineArticles.com/