3 Plants You Can Grow For Beauty Benefits

Aloe Vera

Aloe is one of the most common plants with beauty benefits—it contains antioxidant properties that can aid in soothing of the skin, which is why you usually see it listed as a main ingredient in after-sun products. If you suffer from stubborn acne, you can also apply aloe vera extracts on your skin, which may do the trick in terms of clearing it up. If your skin tends to be on the sensitive side, you may also have trouble with makeup removers causing irritation. Instead of grabbing the wipes, try dipping a cotton ball in aloe vera gel and removing your eye makeup with it. Apply that same gel to a sunburn spot for relief.


This bushy plant is popular for medicinal purposes, but is often sought after for skin care. Elderflower oil can be used as a skin ointment to sooth rashes and treat scars. It also has antioxidant elements that act as anti-aging agents, making it a great option for a natural skin care treatment.

Lemon Balm

This lemon-scented plant will not only make your garden smell good, but it will also help your skin when you’ve gotten a nasty insect bite. It contains ferulic acid, which protects the skin against damage. You can also make a lemon-balm ointment to cure sunburn and sores.


Courtesy of: http://www.realsimple.com/