3 Quick Fixes for Thin Lips

Maybe you weren’t born with an Angelina pout. Or maybe your lips have deflated over time. (Alas, they lose volume with age.) Charlotte Tilbury, an international celebrity makeup artist in London, offers her three steps for achieving full results.

  1. Prep your skin

“Dry lips tend to look dull and flat,” says Tilbury. First gently remove flakes with a scrub. Next, swipe on a hydrating balm. This will help fill in fine lines and create a smooth surface.

  1. Go nude

“Steer clear of dark colours, as they can make lips appear smaller,” warns Tilbury. Using a nude pencil, lightly trace over your lip line, extending slightly beyond the edges. “Go back with concealer and a brush to fix smudges and make the line more pronounced,” says Tilbury. Fill in the entire lip with pencil, then apply a creamy lipstick in a similar shade.

  1. Add strategic sparkle

Dab a bit of highlighter (or shimmery eye shadow) on your Cupid’s bow to bring depth to your lips. Follow with a shiny neutral gloss, just on the centre of your top and bottom lips. “This reflects light and provides a 3-D effect,” says Tilbury.


SOURCE: Real Simple