3 Summer Hair Trends

Amber Filler Up

As a girl with long hair, I’m constantly looking for ways to dress up and style my hair in a way that all my looks are varied and unique. I can hardly afford to keep up with changing fashion trends when it comes to seasonal clothes, shoes and bags BUT, I can attempt to do so with my hair. So sit back, and let your mind wander off into the wonderful world of summer-esque hair styles.

The first of my obsessions in relation to my strands has to be braids. This has to be the easiest go to style when you’re dealing with a day old or dirty hair. In recent trends, the diversity in braids has never been more extensive. Hair tutorials and blogs can provide with you with step by step instructions on how to achieve these babies.


Photo credit – Amber Fillerup

A style carried out from the winter and fall season is the classic bun. Obviously with 2014 come new twists to timeless dos. Up dos are great, because tied up hair on a hot day is essential. We’ve all felt the pangs of hair falling over sweaty backs and creating more heat – not a good look. Again – like braids, a bun is an easy style on lazy days.


Photo credit – Luxy Hair

The last summery movement are styled vivacious curls – which BTW if you really look around – you’ll see everywhere! New curling techniques have been discovered with straighteners, motored curlers and different sized wands that make curling your hair effortless! These flirty ringlets are the next big thing since straightening your hair. Straight hair = boring.


So as you plan your weekend looks, make sure to keep these timeless trends in mind. Summer hair paired with a floral dress, gladiator heels and aviators – I can’t imagine anything better. Step out of your flat straight hair box of comfort ladies, and experiment with styles that make you feel truly feminine and fabulous!