3 Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance

Warmer weather renews our interest in spending time outdoors, offering us a chance to re-evaluate our lifestyle choices. Here are some tips to help you perfect the balancing act between the personal and professional:

Set boundaries. While multitasking may feel like an efficient way of handling a busy schedule, remember that you can only do one thing well at a time. Give your all at work, staying away from social media and other distractions — this might even help you leave a bit earlier. Once you do leave, turn off email notifications and focus on whatever you’re doing, whether that’s getting in a workout at the gym, playing with your kids or sharing a meal with friends.

Schedule transition time. Moving straight from work to personal commitments can lead to professional stresses bleeding into your private life. Create a buffer between the two environments to help you relax and shift your brain into leisure mode. Go for a short walk, watch a light television show you love or read a book or magazine as the first part of your after-work routine.

Make a difference. Create an impact beyond your everyday life for some perspective and inspiration. Participate in the work of a charity like Amnesty International, which supports causes like women’s and LGBTI rights, combatting violence and oppression against Indigenous peoples, and freeing political prisoners around the world. There are many easy ways to get involved, which is ideal for those of us with packed calendars. You can write letters, organize a guest speaker event or join a book club.


SOURCE: News Canada