3 Ways To Lessen Your Anxiety

Lessen Your Anxiety With These 3 Tips

Now more than ever, it’s important for Canadians to have access to effective tools and tactics for alleviating stress. We’re here to help manage anxiety with these three simple tips:

1. Stay connected to what you love. A change in routine can be stressful for anyone, but don’t forget to keep in touch with your favourite people and things. Make use of virtual hangouts and try a group chat or video game. Love nature? You can still enjoy long, solitary walks in the woods or a nearby lake or pond. Or try bringing the outdoors in with some new plants and greenery.

2. Keep those hands busy. It’s all too easy for your time to be spent hanging around with nothing to do at home, but it doesn’t have to be. This is your time, so use it to enjoy yourself. Read a book, play a game, do a puzzle, whatever keeps your hands busy and mind bright. You’ve also got some extra time built in without a long commute, so take advantage of it.

3. Unwind with great music. Whether you’re enjoying a new scenic route around your neighbourhood or cracking open that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages, you can elevate the experience with music. SiriusXM lets you seamlessly transition from your smart speakers at home to your smartphone or car app, so you don’t miss a beat. Let ad-free music soothe your stresses and personalized playlists let you bop along to the music you love every step of the way.

(Source: NewsCanada)