The 4 Best Gifts For New Parents

For all you well-meaning visitors of a new baby, here’s a little tip: The kid has everything she needs from her parents. The two sleep-deprived, hungry, anxious parents are the ones who really need things from you. Here are the four best things you can offer them:

  1. Food

When you visit, please bring with you a casserole, lasagna or a few frozen dishes. Maybe a gift certificate they can use for take-out or delivery. Insist while you are there that they not share that food with you. That food is for them, when they are stressed and tired and all of a sudden it’s dinnertime. This gift is a big one. There might be tears.


  1. Help Around The House

When you visit new parents, ask what they need done around the house, and if they say “nothing”, find something to do. Glance around, and you’ll see a sink full of dishes, a basket full of laundry or a dusty countertop. Stealthily and quietly, lend a helping hand where you can. This is the stuff that should get done, but ends up falling by the wayside to the whims of a screaming baby. Your help around the house will be greatly appreciated.

  1. Diapers

Every baby needs diapers. And lots of them! When it’s three o’clock in the morning and the parents realize there is only one diaper left because they didn’t have a chance to get to the store, your gift will be very much appreciated.

  1. A Gift Card To The Local Drugstore

New parents get lots of gift cards to toy stores and clothing stores, but you know where they go most often?  The drugstore. For diapers, formula, soothers, baby shampoo, thermometers and wipes and it is often in the middle of the night. Again, it’s not glamorous, but to new parents, it’s priceless.