5 Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Fall Fashion Trends You Need In Your Wardrobe This Season.

It’s finally time to bring out your favourite pair of brown knee high boots – you guessed it! It’s time for an autumn wardrobe refresh.


Plaid in IN.

This season, bold colours, large lines and even mixed patterns are now an essential for your fall look book. It adds a comfy, classy, and a mature yet chic look. One of our favourite plaid looks is pairing a cool toned belted plaid skirt with a sweater. A solid coloured sweater helps to emphasize the plaid design – and it keeps you cozy throughout the day!


Stay cozy with extra large blanket scarves.

Pull out those blanket scarves; not only do they keep you warm but they’re always a huge fashion statement. Many fall outfits fall into the darker, cooler tones so bright, colourful scarves are the perfect accessories to spice up your outfit!


Fanny-Packs Are Officially Back

Traditionally, fanny packs are worn around your waist, but nowadays, you can also see the bags draped across your upper body and shoulders. A simple design can go a long way this season.


Ankle Boots

Looking for new shoes? Get yourself a pair of Leather Ankle Booties. These booties are perfect for the fall weather. They’re versatile and work with basically every outfit. With pointed toes and elastic inserts, leather boots are a fall favourite for going to work or even jumping in leaves.


All You Need Is GOLD

Gold bangles, gold necklaces, and gold earrings – it’s time for your gold to shine. Gold accessories offer a stylish warmth to your outfit. Pair them with oversize sweaters, large cardigans, or even a pair of your favourite blue jeans; you’ll definitely look Instagram ready all season long.


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