5 Fun Activities When Trapped Indoors

When the winter weather keeps you indoors, it doesn’t have to mean that you and your kid will be bouncing off the walls. Here are a few ways to have fun with your little one when the weather keeps you homebound.

  1. Let Her Help You Cook

Let your little one sniff the spices, mix the pancake batter and take bites of the apple you’re cutting up for lunch. Give her a small children’s knife and let her chop away at a mushroom while you make dinner. Bonus: she’s more likely to try foods that she had a hand in making.

  1. Make It Laundry Day

Let your little one help you sort the whites and colours, or give them a chance to try folding towels and t-shirts. A lot of that folding may turn into unfolding, but making it a game can mean a ton of fun for you and your little one.

  1. Let Him Help You Clean

Give him a clean rag and a plastic bottle full of water, and let him help you wipe down the furniture and clean the kitchen floor. Not only will you both have a blast, it will give him a chance to learn how to pitch in around the house.

  1. Make a Maze

Turn your living room into a child-safe adventure-world with pillows and chairs draped with blankets. Make a little fort-maze and let your kid explore her way through. Throw in a collapsible tube (Ikea sells them for $20 each) and hide some snacks or toys for her to find as she navigates her way through her new adventure.

  1. Make It Music Time

Grab shakers, tambourines, a guitar, or any pots, pans and wooden spoons you have around. Put on some great children’s music (Raffi is a favourite in our house!) and play along. Make it fun time with music time. Your little one will love making noise with you, while trying to sing and dance to the music.