5 Ideas for Breakfast on the Grill

We tend to associate grilling with weekend cookouts and evening meals, but mornings shouldn’t be left out when it comes to these sizzling, charred flavours. Breaking out the grill for breakfast can result in deliciously toasty breakfast pizzas, perfectly runny eggs and smoky bacon and sausage.

If you’re a grill enthusiast or nature lover, you’ll appreciate a fun new way to cook outdoors using reusable, non-stick grilling sheets. With a grilling sheet that’s heat resistant to 550°F, grilling everything from fruit to sausages with expert grill marks is impressive to guests and a cinch on clean up. Even make sauces or sticky items without the mess, since they rinse easily with soap and water.

5 breakfast on the grill ideas

1. Place grilling sheet directly on the hot grill. Then place your bread on the sheet and flip every once in a while to get grill marks and serve.

2. Crack eggs directly onto a Cookina cooking sheet and top with grated Parmesan cheese, fresh herbs, and breadcrumbs. You can add crumbled prosciutto, turkey or bacon on top as an optional ingredient.

3. Cook a fresh piece of salmon fillet on low heat until it flakes easily when pressed with a fork. Serve with cream cheese and bagels that are toasted on the grill as well.

4. Grill asparagus and top with your favourite cheese. Let it all melt on to your cooking sheet.

5. Assemble pineapple chunks, peaches, and nectarines on a bamboo kebab skewer. Brush with coconut milk and dust with cinnamon.

High-quality, reusable grilling sheets like Cookina are specially made for barbecue cooking. More information is available online at cookina.co.

Source: (NC) newscanada.com