5 Reasons to Stay in Canada This Summer

From coast to coast Explore Canada

With a country so large, many of us haven’t explored all the unique destinations within our own borders. Why not make this year the one you change that? Here are five reasons to discover your home and native land this summer.

  1. Bigger bang for your buck:Staycations are a clever way to have a vacation on a budget while exploring your own country. Whether you’re taking a road trip from Toronto to Southern Ontario, or flying from Montreal to Vancouver, there is so much to experience while staying within our borders.
  2. It’s Canada’s big birthday:From local events to national celebrations, Canadians are coming together this year to celebrate a milestone. Take part in National Aboriginal Day and Canadian Multiculturalism Day in June and celebrate July 1st like never before in the country’s capital.
  3. Support local travel and tourism:From an antique shop to a local bakery, staying here this summer means you’re helping businesses at home flourish.
  4. There’s something for everyone:Whether you enjoy rugged outdoor adventures or a relaxing spa experience, Canada is home to a variety of activities. With a little bit of research and asking locals for recommendations, you will be on your way to enjoying every place you visit regardless of your interests.
  5. Diverse cuisine:The beauty of Canada is that we are a mosaic of different cultures. One of the best ways we showcase our diversity is through our food. From Vietnamese to Indian to Greek, you can experience a variety of authentic cultural dishes all while staying in your hometown.

From Vancouver to Halifax and everywhere in between, Canada is full of breathtaking sights and inspiring places. Visit ihgrewardsclub.com/150Canada to share your favourite Canadian travel hidden gem.


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