5 Safety Tips For Women Travelling Alone

See the World Safely as a Solo Traveller.

More than ever before, women travelling the world on their own. They’re not saving their travels for when they meet someone special or when a friend has vacation time. There is a certain freedom in booking a ticket, packing a bag, and exploring the world as a solo traveller. And more and more women are finding and exploring this freedom for themselves.

But with that freedom comes certain responsibilities. As much as we work for change, right now, the world can still be a dangerous place for a woman who chooses to discover it on her own. But that’s no reason to stay home. Just follow some simple, and the world can safely be your oyster.

  1. Dress Appropriately

While it would be great if we could just wear the clothes we want whenever we want, the truth is that the way a woman dresses can affect how she is treated in many parts of the world. Research the places you plan to visit, and dress accordingly. Err on the side of conservative, including wearing long pants, long sleeves and covering your head when it’s appropriate.

  1. Get Travel Insurance

Far too many women forego travel insurance under the false assumption that they won’t need it. Hopefully you won’t, but the bottom line is that travel insurance could save your life. Whether your luggage gets lost, your belongings are stolen, you get sick, or you get stuck in a place with a natural disaster, travel insurance will reimburse your costs and can help get you out of a tricky situation, providing you with the security you need to travel comfortably. Thoroughly research your insurance provider, to make sure they cover your individual needs.

  1. Don’t Be Too Trusting Too Quickly

Travelling solo can be lonely – it’s understandable to want to join a tribe on the road. Some of the people you meet will turn into amazing lifelong friends. But some could turn out to be con artists who will steal your valuables the first time you turn your back. Enjoy getting to know new people – just ensure they earn your trust before you leave them alone in your room with your few precious items. Like a wise man once said, “Have faith, but tie your camel.”

  1. Spend Money To Stay Safe

Don’t pinch pennies at the expense of your own safety. Take a cab back to your hotel late at night instead of walking through unfamiliar neighbourhoods. Pay a little extra to stay in a central location where there are more people around, rather than further from the town center where it’s cheaper. Arrange travel to and from the airport through your hotel or guesthouse, especially if you are travelling at night. And make sure to build a little financial cushion into your travel budget to cover these “safety expenses”.

  1. Keep Your Valuables Close

While you’re in transit, don’t put your valuable items – you cash, credit cards, passport, phone, e-reader or camera – into your checked luggage or in the baggage hold under a bus. Have a backpack or day bag to store these items, and take it with you onto a plane, bus or train. Losing your underwear would be a bother. Losing your passport could ruin your whole trip.

At the same time, do things like limit your alcohol consumption, let people know where you’ll be and when, as well ask your accommodation about places to avoid. Travelling solo can be a magical adventure. Just do it safely, and have the time of your life.