5 Things That Could Save Your Summer Road Trip

With more than 5,000 kilometres from coast to coast, it’s no wonder Canadians are fans of summertime road trips.

“Hitting the road with your windows down and your favourite tunes on the radio is one of summer’s simplest pleasures, only enhanced by how beautiful our country’s landscapes are,” says Darryl Croft, automotive expert at OK Tire. “Before heading out, it is important that drivers are prepared in case of an emergency.”

Here are five things to check before you head out on your next adventure:

Pack an emergency kit. Your kit should include non-perishable food, bottled water, washer fluid, a spare tire, jumper cables, jack and tool kit, first aid supplies, flares, candles and matches or a lighter, flashlight, batteries, and your cell phone charger. Keeping this small yet crucial kit with you could help you avoid roadside disaster.

Vehicle maintenance. Your tires, brakes, steering and suspension should all be checked out by an automotive professional to ensure that they’re running smoothly. Poor performance from any of the above can spell danger when your trip calls for high speeds, bumpy road driving or quick stops.

Bring a backup set of keys. How frustrating is it when you’re ready to leave the house and can’t find your keys? Now imagine that happening when you’re a hundred miles from home and can’t go anywhere. You will thank yourself later for this foresight.

Top up. Keep your eyes peeled for the next gas station when your fuel drops to one quarter full. Don’t risk unusually long distances between stations that could see your road trip plans coming to a halt because your vehicle won’t take you any further.

Have your paperwork in order. Keep your owner’s manual, registration, license and proof of insurance with you, and ensure they are valid for the length of your trip. If you don’t have your vehicle’s manual anymore, most automakers offer PDF versions online.


SOURCE: News Canada