5 ways to celebrate a summer of music


When the summer months heat up, kids head outdoors to explore and enjoy the sun. Soccer, swimming, and other sports are popular activities, but musical programs also offer fun and educational ways to make a positive impact on a young person’s life. The benefits may not be as immediate as an improved front crawl, but there are advantages to introducing music at a young age, including improved concentration, confidence, and even math scores. Incorporating music into your family summer adventures can be free, involve a group of all ages, and doesn’t require much planning.

Create your summer soundtrack and build a love of music with these five great ways to celebrate the season with sound:

  1. Belt out a song. Musical inspiration starts with your very own voice. Create karaoke parties with your kids to make household tasks more fun. Croon or hum your favourite songs to power through weekend cleaning and encourage your kids to join in — singing lifts the spirits.
  1. Host a dance party. Turn up the volume and bust a move with your kids, experimenting with different musical styles — rock, reggae, R&B, alternative, and pop. Not only is dancing a great way to stay active, but it improves brain function and coordination.
  1. Explore movie soundtracks. Many summer blockbusters feature soundtracks from the hottest bands from yesteryear. If your child loves a particular movie, share the original version by the artists who first recorded the songs.
  1. Invite a musical friend to share their talent. Does someone in your family or circle of friends play an instrument? Invite them for a barbecue and in exchange ask them to give your kids a quick music lesson. Don’t have an instrument? There are lots of yard sales throughout the spring and summer where you can find inexpensive, gently-used instruments.
  1. Attend a summer music festival. Many summer musical festivals provide family-friendly ways to spend time in the sun while enjoying concerts and performances. The TD jazz festivals in cities across Canada feature beautiful parks and community areas where families and friends listen to great music. Check local listings for upcoming artists and go online to find similar venues across the country.


Courtesy of: www.newscanada.com