613 Days! That’s How Much Time Prabhas Has Shot For ‘Baahubali’

Baahubali is unimaginable without its leading man Prabhas. When we had met the team before the release of the first part, the cast had spoken fondly about how they didn’t think twice before agreeing to spend that much time on a project.

But to make a film on a scale like this takes time. And with Baahubali too, it was the same. But it was an emotional moment for everyone as Prabhas finally laid down his sword for one last time, completing his shoot for Baahubali 2.

And you won’t believe how many days it took Prabhas to complete the entire journey. 613 days! And that is a wrap for Prabhas after 3.5 years. One hell of a journey. Thanks Darling. No one had as much belief on this project as you. That means a lot [sic],” posted director Rajamouli.


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