A Brand New Way To Have A Girl’s Night In

Dimple Mukherjee is a woman on a mission, bringing South Asian women together in love, authenticity and creativity.

dimpleA few years ago, Dimple Mukherjee had a husband, three young boys, and a successful career as an Occupational Therapist. But when her marriage ended, and she began her life anew as a single South Asian mother in Toronto, her vulnerability, combined with her cultural conditioning, awakened her to something new. Combining her desire to serve other women with her belief in holistic, preventative health care, Dimple earned certifications in health coaching and positive psychology, and began her Whole Self Consulting practice. Not long after, she developed Bindi Parlour, giving women a chance to share their authentic voices with each other.

Fusia: Tell us about “Whole Self Consulting”, and why you’re interested in working with South Asian women in particular.

DM:    dimple-logoWhole Self Consulting is my opportunity to offer women individual coaching sessions, guiding them to live healthier and happier lives through holistic practices.

I’m passionate about working with Indian women because I am intimately familiar with the themes of isolation, shame, judgement, alienation and guilt that I’ve heard in my conversations with so many other South Asian women. I believe we share these feelings in part because of our unique culture and the way it shaped how we were raised. I was never alone in my struggle, and yet I thought I was because no one ever talked about these feelings. I finally figured out “my why” and my purpose, and Bindi Parlour was born.

Fusia: What exactly is Bindi Parlour?

DM:     Bindi Parlour is a girl’s night in with a twist. We gather in a circle for a beautiful two-hour experience with the intention to lift and bindi-girls-nightinspire each other to be the best versions of ourselves. I guide the women using visualizations, journal prompts, storytelling, reflections, oracle cards and essential oils. We explore themes such as self-compassion, gratitude, vulnerability, meaning, creativity and grit. Women walk away from this experience feeling uplifted, connected, understood, and inspired to shift towards a life aligned with their desires.

Fusia: What are some of the most common themes you hear about in your practice, and what are some of your best recommendations for women who deal with these issues?

DM:     Issues that come up consistently include marital breakdown, lack of self-care, health issues, low-grade unhappiness and a lack of purpose or direction. Clearly these issues run deep and require individualized attention, but my biggest “go to” recommendation for everyone is this: Make time for “white space” in your life to connect with your intuition and to gain clarity. Morning rituals are my saving grace, and they could be yours too. If you can spare just 10 minutes each morning to meditate, stretch or engage in whatever self-care serves you, that’s a big step towards your happiness. You have all the answers you need within you. It’s just a matter of getting to know yourself really well, and then staying true to that authentic self.

Fusia: What benefits do women experience through Whole-Self Consulting and Bindi Parlour?

DM:     The benefits of opening yourself up in a group of loving women, and being in the space when another woman opens herself up can be life changing. I have many testimonials on my website that speak to the remarkable experiences women have had through our consulting work and Bindi Parlour, and the top three are safety, connection, and inspiration.