A Guide to Family-Friendly Gaming

Families That Play together, Stay Together

We’re now busier than ever, which means finding quality time to spend together can be a challenge. But one of the best ways that parents can spend more time with their kids is by doing the things they love. That’s why family gaming nights can be an ideal way to stay connected.

“We know that gaming together can help nurture positive values, teach important life skills and lead to a greater overall feeling of connectedness,” says Heather Potter, strategic communications manager at Nintendo.

Ready to get gaming? Potter shares her top tips for your next family game night.

Introduce them to the classics. For the ultimate in early video game education, Potter encourages parents to start with the classics. “It’s amazing how parents can relive the magic of their childhood with their own kids by playing their old favourites,” says Potter. “In addition to the new games featuring iconic characters like Mario and Zelda, it’s also easy to play the old favourites. Nintendo Switch Online has a huge library of classic games that parents can teach their kids, making new memories in the process.”

A little help goes a long way. Looking for a good gaming experience with your little ones? Choose games with easy or assist modes. “This is a great way to not only introduce your kids to video games, and it also helps them to really engage and feel a sense of accomplishment,” says Potter. “For example, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has a smart steering option to help young players stay on track.”

Get co-operative. When kids are in the eight to 12 age range, their love of video games can really take flight. At this stage and beyond, Potter recommends that parents look for co-operative games – ones that lets them team up with their kids to work toward a common goal, teaching communication and teamwork skills along the way. “Super Mario Odyssey has an incredible two-player co-op mode. The first player controls Mario, while the second controls Cappy, Mario’s hat and main ally. Another great co-op game is Overcooked! 2, a game in which players work together to cook up a storm in a series of chaotic, crazy levels.”

(Source: NewsCanada)