A Stranger in the Mirror: A Book Review


In my early twenties, I was a great fan of Sidney Sheldon and read as many books as I could find, authored by him. Then came the existence of the web and I got distracted. Gradually the web started providing free eBook sites where there were free fictions to download. There was no need for me to purchase any books as long as I had a laptop with Internet; you could easily access mighty sources of free fiction eBooks. But only recently, I thought of shutting down all digital stuff and go in old-fashioned ways for the time being. I wanted to try something different by going back to good old times. I daydreamed if I could only turn back the clock by reading Sidney Sheldon’s novels again!

About the Book

The Book, “A Stranger in the Mirror” authored by Sidney Sheldon is one of the best tales I have ever read in recent times. The novel stands out to be unique and compelling as the author’s other novels always have been. In fact, the book is about a lonely man, Toby Temple who rises to be a superstar as well as an obnoxious scoundrel, a man adored by his fans; yet he always seems to be suspicious and full of disbelief. The author also portrays a disillusioned woman, Jill Castle who comes to Hollywood to be a star and yet she discovers that she has to buy her way with her body. The climax of the novel reaches when the two confront each other and Sidney Sheldon uses his master telling tales skills to keep the reader hooked until the end as he narrates how the two of them become one with each other.

About the Author

Sidney Sheldon is the world’s super master storyteller in the entertainment business. His other sizzling and exciting novels that I have read are: “Master of the Game”, “Memories of Midnight”, “The Naked Face”, “The Rage of Angels”, ‘The Sands of Time”, “Windmills of the Gods” and “The Best Laid Plans”. Nobody compares to Sidney Sheldon, as his skills and style of storytelling are full of enthralling entertainment and stunning nightmare scenarios. In short, he is a wizard of words, being a master teller of tales. All his novels including, “A Stranger in the Mirror” have sold millions and millions of copies worldwide. I would recommend that you pick up this novel, if you have not already, for an awesome and terrific read.


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