A Traveler’s Guide To Celebrating Christmas In Dublin



  1. Christmas Travel Guide: 

Ahh Dublin! The city of a thousand welcomes! The capital of Ireland is renowned for the hospitality of its people their vivacious and happy go lucky personalities. If you have the chance to go to Dublin these holidays, then we bring to you the perfect Christmas Travel Guide that will help you in having the time of your life! So pack your bags and get a ticket to Dublin. Here are the places that you definitely need to visit if you’re in Dublin these holidays.

  1. The Dromoland Castle: 

dromoland-castleThis castle has been in existence since the 15th Century although it was reconstructed many times over the years until 1835 when it reached its completion. This sit of this castle is said to have been home to Gaelic nobles since the 5th Century. However the castle has now been converted into a luxurious 5-star hotel which is just the place to spend your Christmas. The place is famous for being host to many famous personalities including the ex-President of America G. W. Bush.

  1. Bally David, County Kerry:

Thinking about Ireland, all that comes to mind are the cozy small towns tucked into the countryside. So if you’re looking to spend Christmas in a place like that, Bally David is the place for you. This small town is located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and it comes to life during Christmas time. The Wren boys come to town and a grand celebration is held to remember the ancient Druid festival. The Wren boys roam the streets in all their dressed up glory with all their music and wonderful dancing. Go here and have fun with a Christmas filled with dressing up, marches, music and loads of laughter.

  1. The Merrion Hotel:

This hotel is the epitome of grace and class during Christmas time with large open fireplaces filled with crackling flames and huge Georgian style drawing rooms. This place is the perfect blend of historical class and modern day technology and facilities. So spend your Christmas in class at the Merrion hotel.

  1. The Abbey Theatre:  

christmas-in-dublin-abbey-theatreThis historic theatre has been working since 1904 and is the first state-subsidized theatre of Ireland. The building was reconstructed after a fire in 1958 but this is the ideal place to go to if you have an interest in performing arts. This theatre is associated with many iconic historical literary figures such Sean O Casey etc. So have fun this Christmas at this place if you want to experience a Dublin Christmas.

Lastly, if you don’t want to go to somewhere fancy, worry not. Just grab a beer and step out onto the street and you’ll still have the time of your life. So that’s all the information you need from the Christmas Travel Guide for this Christmas. Just make sure, that whatever you do, you do it fully and with spirit. Make wonderful memories for your life starting now!


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