Alia Bhatt Speaks Her Heart Out About Her ‘Dear Zindagi’ Life Coach Shah Rukh Khan

Working with Shah Rukh Khan is a (not so) secret dream that all the young actors harbour in their heart. Alia Bhatt is the latest Gen Y actress on the block to have worked with Shah Rukh in their latest release Dear Zindagi.

During an interview for the promotion of the film, Alia shared her biggest take away from Shah Rukh saying, “After being here (in the industry) for 25 years, he doesn’t carry the burden of being Shah Rukh Khan on his shoulders. When he comes on set he isn’t like Shah Rukh Khan has come. Obviously log toh unko aise hi dekhenge but he doesn’t come with that. He’ll go out of his way to make you feel comfortable. I think that quality is very rare, especially in a superstar like him.”

Alia added that Shah Rukh treats everybody like an equal around him. When quizzed if there were times when he would tell her about the difference in filmmaking during his times and now, Alia says, “We would talk about everything yaar. I don’t remember this particular conversation but he would talk about all of us. He would tell me things about how a particular brand became that brand, which poet said what and how was this table made (laughs). He knows everything (smiles).”

She further elaborates that both of them share the same mentality. “Actually ham dono ke khyalaat na bohot milte julte hain. We are actually very similar, in our thinking, in our behaviour. Though he’s a man and I’m a young girl, but the gist of our emotion is the same, just the way we carry it out is different. But actually hamari thinking bohot milti julti hai, ” she said.

The Gauri Shinde directorial slice of life flick has hit the silver screens on Friday and has been much appreciated by the B-Town members and the spectators alike.