Anita – Rosa Faia: The Best Swimsuits For All Body Types

Hate swimsuit shopping? That’s about to change! Anita and Rosa Faia have swimsuits with flattering fabrics and clever cuts that are suited for real bodies.

To help you through the inevitable and dreaded swimsuit shopping, we have provided you with some tips and tricks on which swimwear you should be wearing based on your body type.

Hourglass: hips and bust are the same size with a well-defined waist.

What to look for: tops with straps that sit in the centre of your well-balanced shoulders, or even try a bandeau top. Match your top with embellished bottoms to balance the whole look.

Get the look: CORALIE Tropea or MILOU Pinapple Bay bikini set

Straight: ladies with straight body types are characterized as having the same size bust and hips, with a slightly smaller waist.

What to look for: padded or pushup tops in light colours or bold patterns with wide-set straps draws attention to your bust and adds curves to your upper half. For bottoms, try low to mid-rise ones with ties or hip embellishments to add the illusion of curves. If you are looking for a bit more coverage, try a skirted or ruffled bottom to help add curves to your hip.

Get the look: PAULINA Pink Beach top and bottom or pair the HERMINE bikini top withKIKI Island Hopping bottoms

Pear: bust tends to be smaller than the hips, the waist gradually slopes outwards from the bust to the hip.

What to look for: padded or push-up embellished tops and minimalistic patterns on the bottom to draw the eye up, balancing your lower half. If one-pieces are more your style, try to find light coloured or embellished bust area with wide-set strap and higher-cut leg to reduce the visual width of your hips, giving the illusion your bottom half is slenderer.

Get the look: LENI Pure Stripes one-piece or PAULINA Blue Lagoon top paired with CAUSUAL BOTTOM Blue

Oval: waist tends to be wider than the bust and hip; hips are narrow compared to the shoulders.

What to look for: wider straps and fuller-coverage tops provide support and give the illusion of being smaller on top. One-pieces with a wrap-style detail will help define the waist. Hint: in general look for suits that have dark coloured sides and a light, bright or printed middle to give the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Get the look: AILEEN Floral Parade or TERESA Pure Stripes

Inverted Triangle: bust is large and hips are narrow, waist isn’t overly defined.

What to look for: Simple, solid coloured triangle tops with wider straps provide support to your bust, when choosing a top ensure it provides adequate coverage to make your top appear smaller. Choose bottoms that cut straight across your hips with side ties to add curves. One-pieces with top details and deep v-necks will create a curvaceous, balanced effect.

Get the look: CARLI White Bay bikini set or JOSWTTA Nautical Spirit one-piece

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