Are Successful Women Not Seen As Attractive?

Women have been experiencing rejection due to their success

Things that make you go hmmm?!? A recent Global News article discusses the effects that independence and success have on women in their dating lives. And the results are shocking, to say the least. Women in Toronto have been rejected or been let go because they are seen as “intimidating.”

Studies have been done to take a further look into this issue. Dr. Mariyam Ahmed is a psychologist based in Toronto that told Global News that in dating “successful people” one must pay attention to how much the person is dedicated to their success. Dr.Ahmed said that in her experience it is mostly single women that find themselves being told they are too independent or are too successful for the dating life.


Who else has studied this?

Others, such as Jenna Birch, previously said that women downplay their career goals in order to find a partner because they are seen as being too ambitious. According to Birch when men are asked about the people they prefer to date they claim they are looking for motivated and determined partners. But, this does not seem to be the case in reality and women are finding they have to downgrade their successes to become more “relationship material.”

It’s one thing to make career adjustments and sacrifices for your family but it’s a completely different story when you have to hide your true self or abandon your dream to accommodate your partner (or their ego). This could cause major resentment in the future of the relationship.


What century are we living in?

If you ask me, this is absolutely absurd! As we head into 2019 it’s mind boggling how this is even a worry that women still have? I do understand that men may have insecurities if they are with a more successful woman because of the stigma that society has created but that does not make these actions acceptable.

If your partner is not looking to motivate you and allow you to become the best version of yourself — even if that means becoming more successful than your partner then that that may be a relationship you want to reconsider. In my opinion, the ideal relationship is when there is equality and independence within the union. Women no longer “need” a man but rather some want to live alongside them. In other words, women have come a long way and are gaining higher education in the masses and that’s something we should be cherishing and pursuing — not sweeping under the rug.

This topic is an important one for myself as I embark on my career journey, but for many others as well, navigating their dating lives and professional lives. What do you think about this? How do you feel about having to degrade your accomplishments to be more appealing to a man?


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