Astro Fabulous Horoscopes 2016

Hello Fabulous Friends and Fans! Welcome to 2016!

This is a year that promises we all make lasting personal changes, redefine prosperity and success in very personal terms, as well as collectively move towards a greater sense of unity and compassion. We are, as always, moving towards greater love and greater wisdom. Enjoy!

A spiritual perspective of money draws more to you. Nourish the futuristic visionary you are to accomplish something bigger. Facing your insecurities and issues of self worth leads to prosperity. This year sets the stage for big developments to come. Love can be a concept, but it’s another thing to live it. Being with someone that demonstrates they respect you brings a positive flow into your life.

Pisces: Compassion and unity are the highest ideals. Seeing yourself with those same eyes of acceptance and kindness brings light into your life. You’re figuring out the new you in contrast to the old version of yourself. Be with those that support you and love you most and you’ll see yourself more clearly. Nurture that commitment to yourself to become who you were uniquely created to be. Self-appreciation enhances your love life immensely.

Aries: This is your year of manifesting tangible results. Your strategy going forward is best when you’re aligning your work with a higher purpose. Spend time in contemplation to get clear on your direction. Your workplace will be more supportive providing you with greater opportunities for prosperity. When you work on overcoming your insecurities and doubts in love, by sharing honestly and intimately you will be blessed in love and commitments.

aries - taurus - gemini-1Taurus: You can move in bold, new directions this year by making no more compromises in matters of fulfillment and manifestation. Creativity and living with passion are essential to producing satisfying, quality results. Children, work and finances are supported this year. Be proud of your achievements. Your relationships go through meaningful changes when you take more chances in love and express your commitment.

Gemini: The values you hold help you align your reality with your ideals. To evolve, focus on what is calling you and worthy of achieving. Align with your purpose so you can do what you need to fulfill your intentions. Your best relationships and partnerships are those that support your day-to-day experiences, your health and well being this year. When you see the truth in yourself you can be a magnet for love and attract those that help further your aims and dreams.

cancer-virgo-leo-1Cancer: Exploring what you believe and what matters to you helps you develop new skills in the process. Encounters with key people and traveling can change your view of the world and your place in it. Interacting with more people expands your vision, leading to great learning. When your home and environment feels right you grow. What you believe you deserve in love helps you nurture relationships that last. Your bonds strengthen and love evolves.

Leo: Trusting what you know and demonstrating authority and expertise empowers your work, bringing tangible gains this year. It’s not a time to make risky investments, gamble or to accept big, but hollow, financial promises. The value you give returns financial progress in leaps and bounds. Doing what you love recharges your energy. Core lessons in love revolve around your own feelings with trust and sharing. Discussions on children and the future are in focus.

Virgo: You’re the favorite of the zodiac with much personal growth happening as the truth of who you are is revealed to you this year. The eclipses change your identity helping you understand where you’re meant to embrace life in new ways. Honoring who you are becoming will move you in empowered directions. Committed bonds in family and love bring stability. Honest reflection on your relationships moves you towards greater love.

Libra: You’re being slowly prepared for big shifts and transformations this year. You’re asked to work on the health of your relationships with siblings and there is sacred learning in the changing dynamics with cousins and neighbors. Be more conscious of how others perceive what you say. Understanding motivations of others becomes clearer. Seeing things in yourself that you want to change and let go of reveals what your expectations in love are.

libra-scorpio-sagittarius-zodiac-sign-horoscope-stars-circle-constellations-set-three-signs-designer-38959876-1Scorpio: Mars retrograde season makes this a big year for you. A new sense of self-empowerment comes forward. Thinking strategically and using your energy wisely identifies how to move towards what prosperity means for you. This is you owning your power and making a bigger contribution. Exchanges of romantic energy awaken you and excite your experience of life. Your enthusiasm brings positive results.

Sagittarius: Self-honesty helps you decide the best way forward. Doing your best and surrendering the rest is a sacred lesson. Checking in with yourself, dissolving illusions, getting real and grounded helps you know when something is worth pursuing. Aligning with a higher vision brings out your potential. Giving and receiving love in practical ways unblocks you and opens your heart for more freedom.

Capricorn: Healthy endings and transformation can bring wealth. You get to move beyond limitations with fortunate breaks and luck on your side. Your dreams will be vivid and déjà vu is likely. Be grateful for what didn’t work out before as it’s making room for what is working now. Facing your past sets the stage for breakthroughs and a clearer direction. Appreciation, shared values and beliefs tune you into love.

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