Articles by Karen Ahmed

Masala Mac & Cheese

February 4, 2016

Like most other kids, my boys have loved Mac and Cheese since they were old enough to chew. I remember making a trip to India when my son was a toddler, armed with packages ... click to continue ⇾

Prawn Masala

January 21, 2016

  As long as I can remember, prawn and shrimp has been the centre of our family’s menu. My father’s side of the family comes from Goa which is surrounded by ... click to continue ⇾


January 6, 2016

A couple of years ago we visited the Riu Palace in Costa Rica. They were kind enough to allow me to film with their Executive Chef Rudolfo Garcia. Prior to this, I would have ... click to continue ⇾

Peri Peri Chicken

December 10, 2015

Peri Peri Spice is one of my favourite Portuguese spices. The Peri Peri chili was brought by the Africans to Portugal and this beautiful blend was born. I myself have some ... click to continue ⇾

Fiesta Soup

December 3, 2015

  Arrrrrriba Arrrriba, I’m in the mood for a little Mexican party and we’re going to prepare a Fiesta Chicken Soup. In this recipe, I’m going to use fresh ... click to continue ⇾

Bombay Chicken

November 17, 2015

  I don’t know why but lately I’ve been thinking about my college days a lot and one of those memories was definitely hanging out with friends and enjoying all of ... click to continue ⇾

Kesar Peda

November 10, 2015

  Indian sweets mark a celebration or festive occasion and I’m going to show you how easy it is to make one of the most popular sweets – Kesar Peda. Like any ... click to continue ⇾
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