Bad Habits and The Best Ways to Quit Them

Fall is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and finally ditch that bad habit for good. Here are some tips to help make eliminating your vice that much easier.

  1. A sedentary lifestyle. Some experts call sitting the new smoking, and it’s not hard to see why. Spending most of your time at a desk or on a couch can lead to a host of health problems, including obesity, a higher risk of cancer and back pain. Your mood can take a nosedive and you may even experience trouble falling or staying asleep. Some simple changes can get you moving again — try going for a walk on your lunch break, doing some stretches at your desk, or joining a class with a friend to keep you committed.
  2. Smoking. Most Canadian smokers want to quit, but a smoker’s daily life is often filled with emotional and work-related triggers. “It is challenging to quit smoking and many people may take several attempts to quit for good,” explains Dr. Richard Tytus, a family physician in Ontario. “While using a single product works for many, Combination Therapy is about 30 per cent more effective. Try combining the Nicoderm patch for ongoing withdrawal with Nicorette QuickMist to control cravings. These products are authorized by Health Canada to be used as a combined solution.”
  3. Too much screen time. Most experts agree that browsing the web before bedtime hurts your sleep quality. Proper sleep is essential for good health, so power down all your devices an hour before bed. You can also download an app that mimics natural light, switching your screen’s hues to a yellow tone, dimming down as the day goes on.
  4. Overspending. Spending money unnecessarily to the point where it becomes stressful can be bad for your health, contributing to insomnia, high blood pressure and digestive issues. You can get your finances under control by making and sticking to a budget, finding a new form of entertainment if shopping is your hobby and setting up automatic contributions so a portion of your paycheque goes directly into your savings account.
  5. Eating junk food. Indulging in junk food is fine occasionally, but do it too frequently and you’re putting yourself at risk of health problems like diabetes. To cut back, stock up on healthy grab-n-go snacks, turn leftovers into work lunches and make smart substitutions like swapping a bottle of water for the pop in your combo.


SOURCE: News Canada