Beating the Winter Blues

The cold, the snow and the shorter days can make many of us feel a little low. As long as you just feel a “little” low then there is ways you can try to beat these blues. First of all figure out what time of the day you are feeling this low, because that is the best time to do something to pick yourself up.


Here are some ways you can beat the blues:

  • Meet up with a friend and do something the two of you like
  • How about enjoying the winter? Buddle up and go for a walk or take up a winter sport
  • Watch a new or your favourite old time movie
  • Put on your favourite pajamas, make some herbal tea and read a book
  • Take a class you have always wanted to take
  • Learn a new skill using all the online resources available
  • Exercise indoors. Put on a workout DVD and get to it. Or put some upbeat music on and dance around the house, finishing up with some weights
  • Start cleaning or organizing your house, drawer to drawer
  • Hit the mall and go for a walk. You don’t have to buy anything, you can just window shop and people watch
  • Try a Vitamin D supplement. During the winter months it is suggested to take a 1000 IU vitamin D supplement daily. However, this might be something you want to check with your healthcare provider
  • Eat healthy. Fill up on lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Relax by mediating or by taking part in a yoga class


If none of the above seem to work for you and you find yourself feeling low all the time then perhaps it might be a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider.