Beauty Hacks in Your Kitchen

Dry Skin? Dark Circles? Fried hair? Acne scars? Many of us are under the impression that you need to spend on luxurious, costly products in order to get rid of these problems. Not true. Although your new La Mer moisturizer and Kiehl’s eye cream may feel and work great (and are both fab products, as I speak from personal experience), you can get amazing results just by using products in your own kitchen! I know it’s easier to grab a product from a beauty counter and hope to see quick results, rather than being consistent with DIY remedies. I mean, who has the time these days? But trust me, natural ingredients and DIY beauty remedies are so underrated. These are a few of my personal tips and tricks that I have found to work wonderfully. Always be mindful about how important it is to be consistent (with anything) in order to see results.

Dry ANYTHING: My favourite kitchen beauty hack to fix anything dry, from your skin to your hair is oil. You’ve probably heard about how wonderful cold pressed organic oils are for the body – internally and externally. Whether I’m cooking with a bit of coconut oil or applying it on my hair, this stuff is magical. I also love moisturizing my skin with jojoba oil. This provides a dewy base prior to makeup application (great tip for dry skinned women like myself), you’ll literally be glowing if you follow this tip!

Dark Circles: For dehydrated skin, I’ve often heard that dark circles can partially be caused because of how dry the skin around the eyes is. It’s important to be gentle with this area as the skin there is so thin and delicate. I love to gently apply a small mixture of coffee grounds and almond oil under the eyes. After washing it off, the eye area looks more “awake” and feels so smooth.

Acne Scars: There are so many different DIY beauty kitchen hacks to help get rid of the appearance of acne scars over time. From my favourite turmeric mask recipe (turmeric, yogurt or milk, gram flour), to using a bit of lemon on the areas where there’s scarring. Both turmeric and lemon have lightening properties to help fade the scars over time. It’s important not to overdo it with either of these, especially if your skin is sensitive.

As you would with any beauty product/remedy, always do a patch test first with any of these tips ‘n tricks!

What are your favourite DIY kitchen beauty hacks?