Beauty Trends On The Rise For 2019

Stay Ahead Of The Game With These Beauty Trends

Hello 2019! A new year often symbolizes change and a fresh start – that includes a refresh for your hair, makeup, skin and all things beauty too.  Here are five beauty trends we noticed are making an appearance in 2019.

Add Some Colour To Your Hair

According to Pinterest 100, the most searched for beauty trends are colourful hairstyles. The two most popular colours are gray/silver and lilac. These two lighter shades may take a little bit more work to maintain but they’ll have you looking dreamy and magical all year round.

Dip Powder Manicures

Dip nails are all the buzz this year. Each nail is dipped into a powder, set with clear polish, and repeated until the nail is fully coated and hardened. Set with a gel topcoat, the manicure does not require any UV/LED lights and can last from three to five weeks. With beautiful and longer lasting nails, this trend’s definitely one to try!

Lash Lifts

Move over big fluffy lashes, this year’s all about embracing the natural. That’s right; instead of lash extensions, lash lifts are the way to go. Lash lifts are essentially perming your lashes to stay curled for 1-2 months (depending on your lash cycle). These low-maintenance lashes are sure to make your new makeup routine that much easier.

Pouty Coloured Lips

The illusion of a bigger bottom lip is another emerging trend this year. Instead of plumping the lips, try using lighter and frosted colours on the bottom lip covered with transparent coloured lip gloss. Glossy lips are 2019’s best friend.

Bakuchiol for Your Skin

Bakuchiol products are the new must-haves in your 2019 skincare collection. Pronounced “back-uh-heel”, this plant-based ingredient works to turn over skin cells and make room for new cells to come to the top. It also pushes collagen to the surface for more youthful-looking skin”. Both an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient, bakuchiol is perfect for your new skincare routine.