BEEBA BOYS: All Fired Up for TIFF 2015

Deepa Mehta mixes guns, bhangra beats, bespoke suits, cocaine, and betrayal in Beeba Boys: a ferocious, adrenaline-charged Indo Canadian gang war, and a violent clash of culture and crime.

Gang leader Jeet Johar and his young, loyal, and often-brutal crew dress like peacocks, love attention, and openly compete with an old style Indo crime syndicate to take over the Vancouver drug and arms scene. Blood is spilled, hearts are broken, and family bonds shattered as the Beeba Boys (“Good Boys”) do anything ”to be seen and to be feared” in a white world.

Beeba Boys is a gangster film by an internationally celebrated director; a movie where stereotypes are intentionally challenged and which takes us right inside this Indo Canadian world…a specific world and culture which no crime movie has explored before.

Beeba Boys should not only appeal to fans of Deepa’s but also to those who appreciate a film that is about something. And the hope is that this movie will find a new audience. An audience intrigued by gangsters, guns, action, and hard-hitting entertainment. An audience that could crossover between many communities as elements of comedy, hip hop, style, and culture blend perfectly in this film. So far, the film seems to be garnering the attention of an audience, which extends beyond Deepa’s traditional fan base. It is noticing a steady buzz on social media of young people captivated by film. Its attracting a young audience of 18 – 29 year olds online, which parallels nicely to the tone and feel of the film. These young people are drawn to the story, the action, the look, and the lifestyle the Beeba Boys are leading. Beeba Boys is a violently stylish gang story; but with a strong undercurrent of Deepa’s traditional movie making style. It’s a movie full of relationships, particularly family relationships. All of Deepa’s films delve into the complexities and incongruities of family and particularly the relationship between parents and children.


FUSIA Editor-in-Chief, Meera Estrada interviews Deepa Mehta this week on the making of this intriguing, adrenaline-pumping and highly anticipated film. Watch out for video interview coming soon!