BeGlammed The Glamour App

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own glamour squad get you ready for big events like your friends wedding? That big New Years Eve party? Or even every weekend before out head out for a night on the town? Well its possible and all at your fingertips.

Founded by LA-based celebrity award-winning makeup artist Maile Pacheco, beGlammed is an on- demand beauty service app that can make your beauty dreams come true.

beglammedbeGlammed, lets you book top makeup artists and hairstylists across the GTA. These experts are all screened by beGlammed’s team to ensure they are the best makeup and hair professionals out there. Your personally chosen beauty team will come to you, be it your home, office, hotel or any location of your choosing. I know it all sounds like it will come with a hefty price tag, but don’t worry too much about the how much – the app offers flexible pricing, delivering three options to fit any budget. You can choose the artists that best match your wallet.

This app is for everyone from working professionals, students, and busy mothers to brides, jetsetters, and celebrities – yes celebs like Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Rosario Dawson, Paris Hilton use this app!

So next time you have a big event or just a regular party, you don’t have to just get ready you can get beGlammed!