The Body Book

Cameron Díaz

Cameron Diaz on Happiness and Health

Celebrities have been coming out with books on health and happiness for as long as I can remember and to be honest, I never really paid much attention to them until Suzanne Somers came out with her book on how she fought cancer. I was really interested and thought well, she was always very much into fitness with her 80’s videos and commercial appearances and now being hit by the big C. I thought this lady has to know what she’s talking about and I wanted to soak up that knowledge she was willing to share. I read her book Breakthrough from cover to cover. I was inspired by her passion for life and being as healthy as she could possibly be with all her resources available to her as a celebrity. Not only did she fight cancer, but she shared this valuable information with all of us and so I was a believer from there in celebrity books.

Now, I’m not endorsing all celebrity books and I’m definitely not saying they’re ALL worth reading. There are definitely a lot that have nothing but their name attached to them and you can tell if it’s a genuine experience. Sometimes it’s just another money making freebie for them. After all, they are people too and if you think about it, they look amazing, yes they have personal chefs, personal trainers, etc, but they also have access to THE BEST of the BEST. This includes the best nutritionists and other wellness experts that keep them looking so damn fine! I wanted to soak up this knowledge from the celebrities that look great to me of course and Cameron Diaz is definitely one of them.

She has looked amazing and has always had the most gorgeously sculpted arms. So when I came across her book ‘The Body Book’, I hurried into my nearest Chapters and went through it. The book had a lot of information that I knew already, but it was broken down scientifically for me which wasn’t something I looked into too much since I got certified as a personal trainer years ago. Yes, I love to eat healthy and workout among other spiritual things for my mental health, but Ms. Diaz actually gave facts on how this is all broken down in your brain, body and soul. She discusses the link between the body and nutrition giving a comprehensive review of the human body and mind from a cellular level. There is a whole section on the importance of building muscle, yay, that’s my girl, how to shape those arms and also a great view into how your body is supported by your bones and why we need to take care of them with the proper vitamins and minerals. I love that this book didn’t give me a 30 day challenge or a quick fixer upper for my body and nutritional needs. It actually just spoke to me like a friend. It mentioned that a holistic lifestyle approach will lead to all things positive, more happiness, living longer in a healthy way and being strong (mind, body and soul). Now that’s a life lesson I will read over and over again. So next time you’re in Chapters, spend the best $30 on yourself this year and pick up The Body Book by the beautiful Cameron Diaz!