Bollywood Dreams: Celebrating World Pride in Toronto

South Asian woman with Sari

Fascinated by Bollywood dance, and a big fan of Bollywood icon Sri Devi, Sush S. Patel always dreamed of being a designer and performing at shows. Born in the island of Fiji as a shy boy, Sush began a career in designing, winning her first award in 1995.

Sush never gave up on her passions when she arrived in Toronto. She has performed in many shows and continues to live her dream as a designer and performer. This year, Sush celebrates World Pride by performing to a variety of Bollywood freestyle dances and designing close to fifteen outfits. In one of her beautiful performances, Sush will be performing to the popular Bollywood tune Maar Dala and she will be wearing a white outfit with green paint on it.

When asked what World Pride means to her, Sush says, “World pride means world peace and that we should accept who we are. It’s not about the looks; it’s about inside the heart.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

To catch Sush’s upcoming shows for World Pride, see list below. For more on World Pride, visit

Bollywood shows for World Pride 2014
Crews and tango as Special guest

  • June 26 12:30 late night show
  • June 27 12:30 late night show
  • June 28 12:30 late night show
  • June 29 11:30 late night show

June 28 Church & Wellesley stage
Time 7-8pm

  • June 29th Church & Wellesley stage
  • With Dolly Jones and Sushmita
  • 9:30pm to 10pm show