Have a Browmance

It’s the trend that keeps giving. Show your brows some love and they will return the favour. With the right tools and expert advice, your face framers can give you an instant face-lift while making your eyes look bigger.

Find Your Brows

All brow resurrections begin with letting them grow in. You may exude Cara Delevigne or possibly Cousin Itt. If it’s the first, hallelujah! Otherwise, keep reading and you’ll be singing too!

Have sparse hairs or gaps? Apply castor oil or growth serum like Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum to stimulate growth. Yes there’s hope for those of us that tweezer tortured our brows in our teens.

NOTE: If you bear the strays use a brow concealer.


Commit to a Brow Whisperer

Equipped with what your mama gave you, consult the experts to determine the ideal shape for your face. We visited Toronto’s BrowMance Brow and Wax Bar for the secret to awe-mazing brows. Garima Singh, Brow Arch-itect and owner, shared that ‘achieving a bespoke brow is combination of creating a natural foundation and connecting the dots with the right products’.

See your expert once every 4 to 6 weeks and step away from the tweezers!  Opt for products over pluckers so your natural hairline and growth direction becomes visible for the pros to assess.

NOTE: Tweezing can cause in-growns and broken hairs leading to faster regrowth.

 Woo Them

A true expert will talk you through the process of creating a natural framework that is optimal for your face, which you can opt to amplify with makeup. Brows aren’t twins – they’re sisters so don’t waste your time trying to create exact copies. The trick to natural looking brows is keeping the texture, so you have two brows versus two blocks.


  • Begin by brushing your brows upwards and diagonally in the direction of growth
  • Choose a colour that is the same as your hairline and/or a shade lighter than your natural brow. Light haired gals can have more fun sporting light or dark brows like Rita Ora.
  • Apply product using short feathery strokes in the same direction of your hair growth
  • Focus intensity on the bottom and last half of your brow for a natural effect
  • Use a spooley brush to blend pigment through

Products De-coded

browmance2Shadows: are for darkening and filling in small, interior gaps. Use with an angle brow brush and spooley. Try the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Brow Shaper and Eye Liner.

Thickeners: are for like the name suggests, for thickening. We love the Benefit Gimme Brow!browmance3

Pencils: are for filling in small and large gaps in the interior or exterior. Almay’s Brow Defining Pencil is self-sharpening and comes with a spooley brush to blend pigment through – always a must for us!

Pomades and Pot Creams: can solve any problem. They have a beautiful texture and staying power. Many are even waterproof. If you’re handy with an angle brush and/or have lots of re-creating to do, creams are for you. Anastasiya Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is our fave!

Waxes and gels: are for keeping hairs in place and darkening fine or light brows. Try M.A.C.’s line of Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Sets.

browmance7 browmance5