Campari Says Cheers To Spring

Campari Alpha a new Canadian cocktail

I still remember the first time I tried a Negroni – the scarlet colour was so lovely and the first sip was surprising.  I thought it was going to be sweet and fruity, but it was a dry, bittersweet and refreshing with hints of cherry, orange and cinnamon.  The perfect cocktail for a spring patio!

Campari is a liqueur – an aperitif and cocktail ingredient, used in some terrific cocktail recipes and still delicious on its own. This bright red/orange coloured liqueur, has a bitter, herbal flavour and is still made in Italy, where it originates.

Campari is made by infusing herbs and many suspect its predominantly bitter flavor comes from the “Chinotto” fruit – a fruit that resembles a small orange, but tastes sour and bitter with alcohol and water. The distinctive red color was originally derived from Carmine Dye – a dye made from the ground up scales of cochineal insects – modern day Campari no longer uses these insects and just food colouring.

Patrice Plante, also known as « Monsieur Cocktail », is considered by most to be the man responsible for the rebirth of craft cocktails in Quebec. He has created a new cocktail with Campari just in time for spring.





2 cl. Campari, 2 cl. Espolon Blanco, 1.5 cl. Agave syrup,

2 cl. Lemon juice, 1 dash orgeat syrup, 8 raspberries, 1 star anise.


In a shaker, muddle the raspberries with the syrups

then add the remaining ingredients and shake with ice.

Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Garnish with the star anise.