Canadian Start-Up INLAND’s #MadeInCanada Weekend

This past weekend was quite an interesting one for myself. I had the pleasure of attending an event called, Inland, which is a platform for Canada’s contemporary and up and coming fashion designers.

Inland was a two-day event, from September 26-27, including over 40 emerging Canadian designers. I enjoyed seeing so much talent and creativity through each designer’s hard work and collection. They were all so lovely to meet, and it was an honour to see their craft right in front of my eyes. To hear more about some of my favourite pieces and collections, read below.

Amand2a Moss has made all of her pieces “with love, in Montreal, Canada”, as her official website says. Her pieces are so cozy and casual, yet long lasting. They’re made from bamboo, which gives the piece a long lasting appeal. One of my favourite pieces from her collection was this bralette-type piece, with straps that can be adjusted and worn in different ways to accommodate whatever shirt is on top. It’s super convenient yet so chic. I love the pale pink shade.


I also fell in love with the jewellery from Hen Jewellery. The collection isn’t your typical diamonds and pearls. It was actually vintage zodiac sign pieces, attached to a chain or bracelet. I love the concept behind this, as I’m someone who’s obsessed with astrology and I think it’s really cool for each person to have a piece of jewellery that’s personable. In this case, it would be their zodiac sign.



I also loved designer, Allison Asis’ jewellery from her line, Cadette Jewelry. The pieces were so simple, yet enough to make a statement. Allison said that she wanted this line to include pieces that were simple, yet still had attributes that made each piece stand out, and allowed her audience to wear a piece that isn’t just like any other jewellery item. I adore her stone pieces, however, I fell in love with her gold statement necklace and bracelets.



Okay, I know – I am going a little overboard with the jewellery here, but I can’t help it! I saw so many amazing pieces from different designers that I have to share! Designer, Lina Hu, has handcrafted and designed pieces for her line, Arc Jewllery, from Montreal. Lina’s pieces were immediately eye catching. I’ve never seen anything like them. They were made from silver or brass, with sharp, edgy lines cut and sculpted into wax. They are so minimalistic; yet make such a bold, effortless statement.

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Last, but not least, for jewellery, designer Tamara Bavdek has created beautiful vintage lace jewellery, through her line, This Ilk. I saw this pair of earrings that I absolutely loved! The vintage lace is so elegant, yet can be worn even on the simplest of days. Tamara has pieces that range from lots of lace, to very minimal. I love how unique this collection is.



Canadian designer, Paria Shirvani, has a womenswear label founded in 2013. Her collection has pieces that are so classic, yet edgy. I loved how there were some pieces that were perfect for a special occasion, and also some that were great for day-to-day wear. Paria shared that she has been designing for so many years now, and it is clear that she is definitely amazing and so talented at what she does. This dress, below, is one of my favourite pieces that I saw. I love how the midriff area of this beige dress is cut out; it creates such an eye catching, yet so minimalistic.


Designer Travis Taddeo, from Montreal, QC, was so lovely to meet! He was so kind and was really able to connect with us. What appealed to me most about his collection was that some of his pieces are actually unisex, and look quite cozy. Yay to not having to steal my boyfriend’s sweatpants anymore!


There was also this gorgeous silk wrap (for the ladies), which I adored. It is so elegant and classy. I hope to get my hands on this one day soon!


Lastly, Toronto based designer, Som Kong had a mesmerizing presentation of his collection. I loved how the pieces were presented, it was so visually appealing, and allowed the audience to really get a feel for how each piece looks, and is meant to be worn. The collection presented was all black (my favourite colour) and the pieces were very simple yet they made a statement. I loved it.14

As you can tell, I’ve used the word ‘love’ one too many times. I absolutely adored so many of the pieces I saw, and got exposure to so many amazing up and coming, and Canadian designers. There is so much talent here in Toronto, and in Montreal, QC. Inland was a great way to recognize and showcase each artist’s work, and it was so admirable to see the time and passion they have put into their collections.