Cha & Chai Sketchbook Reel

The Cha & Chai launch event in partnership with the Mississauga Arts Council was held in November 2015.
sketchbook 2Cha & Chai was founded on the belief that strong communities can be built by supporting female leadership in the arts. The event provided a platform for women to be able to express themselves.

ashima1Co-founders Ashima Suri (Limitless Productions) and Takako Segawa (Fluid Elements) share this passion for creating a platform for women. They have an emphasis on encouraging women of colour to join the arts and become part of the creative process in having their stories seen and heard.

As part of phase two of the event, the founders of Cha & Chai present the Limitless Productions show reel – SKETCHBOOK. Take a look for yourself!

Enjoy the reel  – SKETCHBOOK – Indo-contemporary Dance Theatre