Chili Garlic Grilled Lobster

Photo By: Adam Ahmed


My friend just delivered a box of gorgeous lobsters fresh of the boat and into a packed box all the way from beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia right into the Kravings Kitchen. What I didn’t realize was that these gorgeous creatures are alive and that I would have to kill or ‘dispatch’ them, before I respectfully slather them in a chili garlic compound butter and cook it on my grill. This recipe is credited to Gordon Ramsay and I’ve taken it and given it my Kravings twist!

These lobsters are the star of the show, but I’m going to pair it with a fabulous Bloody Mary Linguine.

In this recipe I will make a compound butter, that is ridiculously easy to prepare and a great way to store ingredients to pack flavour in any recipes. See video for how to make and store a compound butter.

There’s a couple of ways to prepare lobsters – cook it in a pot of boiling water, steam it or grill it. To maximize the flavour there are a couple of ways to kill or dispatch these lobsters in a humane way – one is to stick them in your freezer for 15 minutes so they freeze instantly and the other way is to insert your knife quickly just below and between their eyes. I have to admit, I’ve never killed a lobster and I was quite frankly terrified to do it – you can just boil these for 10 minutes and then grill them, but I wanted to grill them raw to maximize flavour.

If you want to watch how to dispatch a lobster, click here. I want to caution you that the footage is pretty graphic – it was as painful to me as it was to the poor lobster.

Using a sharp knife, insert your sharp knife at the centre and cut straight through outwards and repeat the same process towards the end of the tail. Smother it in some Chili and garlic butter. You may notice that it’s a bit tricky to add butter, because the flesh of the lobster is very moist. When grilling, don’t add your losters to the grill if it’s on a very high setting, the butter will drip quickly and deposit a lot of soot on your lobster meat. Instead, heat your grill and then turn the flame down and slowly cook the lobster for about – 10- 15 minutes.



2 Lobsters sliced horizontally

1 stick (1/2 cup salted butter)

4 red chilies

6 cloves garlic

Parsley for garnish



Slice the chilies and garlic and pound it in a mortar with a pestle or use a food processor and pulse it

Fold this into the butter

Prepare your Lobsters see video for instructions

Slather your lobsters with butter

Heat your grill, turn it down and then grill the lobsters for 10 – 15 minutes till cooked

Baste the losters with additional butter

Garnish with Parsley


Full video – Chilli Garlic Lobster with a Bloody Mary Linguine

Photos By: Adam Ahmed