Chilled Hot Chocolate

Sweets for your sweet on Valentine’s Day. Turn a delicious Hot Chocolate into a tasty and decadent dessert that the whole family will love!



500 ml milk

6 tbsps unsweetened cocoa

6 tbsps sugar

2 eggs

1 pkg gelatine + hot water

Garnishes optional



Heat the milk

Add the hot milk to 6 tbsps of cocoa, stirring to remove lumps

Using a strainer, strain the cocoa back into the milk and add sugar

Leave to cool

Whisk the eggs and add the warm milk slowly into the eggs tempering it

Return the egg mixture back into the pan

Heat for a few minutes, stirring constantly

Add hot water to a pkg of gelatine then add to the milk mixture and whisk to incorporate

Chill overnight in dishes of your choice

Garnish with ganache and nuts(optional)