Clever Ways to Extend Your Summer

Has your summer flown by way too fast? If you feel like you didn’t get enough hot sunny days or want to keep that relaxed vibe going into fall, check out these tips.

Make a bucket list. Think of all the fun activities you still want to do, whether it’s as simple as reading a book in your backyard or a bigger event like taking the kids to your favourite amusement park. Jot each one down on a popsicle stick and pick one or two at random to tackle every week until the cold weather hits.

Expand your outdoor living space. Summer may be ending, but it’s often still pleasant enough to enjoy time outside well into the autumn months. With some simple touches, you can extend your yard, patio or balcony use a bit longer. Try adding a fire pit or candles for warmth, switching up the pillows and spray painting furniture for an updated look.

Head to the beach or park. While it’s probably too cold to swim, you can still reap the physical and mental health benefits of nature by having a picnic at your local beach, lake or park. As a bonus, it will be much less crowded this time of year, so you can stretch out and enjoy a more spacious and calming time.

Book an exciting trip. If you really want to extend that summer feeling, start planning a fun trip for fall or winter, like a cruise. To make things easy and affordable, consider Air Canada Vacations’ cruise packages. You’ll get the guaranteed lowest airfare, reliable travel, flexible payment options and other great advantages. Plus, their experts are there to give you the best advice in choosing the right cruise for your needs, perfect for first-time cruisers.

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SOURCE: News Canada