CO + CO Clothing by Coco Rocha

Supermodel, social media star, television personality and now Fashion Designer.  Coco Rocha has announced her new line Co + Co in partnership with her husband, James Conran and Paragon Project.  The 60-piece brand is a cross between streetwear and ath-leisure with everything ranging from casual pants, boxy tops, funky jackets, flirty dresses and cute jumpsuits.

This is a fun line that you can wear everyday for work, shopping, on a date, or just hanging with your friends. Coco has kept all the clothes at a great price point, retail prices range from $80 to $300.

Visit Coco’s website to see the look book, and order some pieces.

Here are a few looks from her recent fashion preview at the SOHO met in Toronto.

Co + Co 2

Co + CoCo + Co 3Co + Co 4Co + Co 5Co + Co 6Co + Co 7