Come From a Place of Yes: Bethenny Frankel’s Tips For Working Women

For Bethenny Frankel, the juggle is real. She’s a TV personality, philanthropist, businesswoman, and mom. So what’s the secret to the Skinnygirl founder’s success? “I think that getting a good night’s sleep is beyond important,” she told POPSUGAR when we caught up with her at the Dress for Success Women Helping Women Power Breakfast in NYC.

That morning she announced the launch of B Strong: Find Your Yes, a crisis intervention initiative for women. Having endured her own emotional crisis through a painful divorce and now as a single mom, Bethenny wants to empower women to become financially independent. Starting in 2017, B Strong will provide real-time emergency assistance for women in crisis, offering support for everything from harassment and eviction to food resources and child-protective services. Bethenny herself knows a thing or two about finding strength amid struggle: “After going through my own long, painful, and torturous divorce, I was inspired to find a way to help other women in crisis find their own place of yes and strength.”

In the spirit of supporting and empowering other women, we had to ask Bethenny some fundamental tips on finding success in whatever endeavors you’re juggling. Keep reading to find out what she said.

Tip #1: Blaze Your Own Trail

“Come from a place of yes, meaning execute. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Do your own thing and have your own identity.”

Tip #2: Trust Yourself

“Never assume anyone else is smarter than you. If you have a great idea and you think you can make something work and you can feel it in your gut, go for it.”

Tip #3: Don’t Half-Ass Anything

“Everything is your business. If you’re an intern and you’re making a cup of coffee, it should be the best cup of coffee you’ve ever made.”