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Little things that go a really long way – so why not feel your best with the help of these innovative apparel and undergarment brands that will make you dance in delightful comfort.

Sleep like a Baby

The female body, with all its beauty and strength is to be celebrated. However, the dreaded night sweats and hot flashes that most women will experience at a certain stage of their lives are not high up on that list.

That’s why Lara Smith created Lusomé; a sleepwear brand that is not only comfortable and beautifully designed, but also helps fight excess moisture, while keeping you dry during the night when experiencing night sweats and hot flashes.

lusome 2Lusomé contains a rapid one-way moisture management fabric called dryLon™ which moves moisture away from the skin surface followed by quick evaporation, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable. Unlike many anti wick materials that are made with synthetic polyester materials and are usually neither very soft, nor comfortable enough for sleeping or lounging in, Lusomé garments are made from natural fiber blends that are specially woven for optimal softness and moisture management.

Lusome sleepwearAvailable in a range of styles and fashionable designs that compliment women of every shape and size, Lusomé sleepwear helps woman feel both comfortable and attractive when dealing with the adverse effects of night sweats. Lusomé sleepwear is available in select retailers across North America. Visit for more details.

Battle of the Side-Bulge!

You’re shopping, and there you see it from across the room, the perfect top for your dinner party. You quickly step in the change room, slip the top on and turn to look in the mirror. At first glance, it looks great, it’s your colour, the perfect blend of sexy and sophistication, but on closer inspection you notice it, the ever loathing underarm side-bulge!

Thanks to PVH Corp., owner of Warner’s and Olga, two of the leading women’s intimate apparel brands, there may now be a solution to combat the pesky side-bulge with the launch of two innovative bra collections, No Side Effects by Warner’s and On Your Side by Olga.

No side effects - Warner's BraThe bras’ unique design element is an extra side-coverage panel along the cup that seamlessly smoothes the side-bulge. The two collections include a wide range of sizes for woman of all shapes and sizes. No Side Effects is designed for the average-figured woman, it features a flexible foam cup for a great fit and is available in 34B-38D. On your Side offers strong support for full-busted women, cushioned straps for added comfort and is offered in 36C-38DDD.

Both the No Side Effects and On Your Side are available for purchase nationwide at the Hudson’s Bay.

Finding the Perfect Fit

For some of us, shopping for underwear can be like shopping for jeans, the never-ending search for the right blend of comfort, style, function and fit.  With that in mind, Knix Wear, offers a revolutionary women’s underwear line designed to address all of these needs.

Launched in May of 2013, through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Knix Wear made retail and crowdfunding history by becoming the first brand to secure a major retail partnership when Hudson’s Bay placed an 18-store pre-order and became the brand’s first retail partner. Since then, Knix Wear has partnered with LYCRA and co-developed Fit Knix, an athletic line that pre-sold over $100,000 through crowdfunding and is now available in over 140 retail stores across North America.

Made with high performance fabrics and patented technology, Knix Wear has developed two high performing technologies, including Fresh Fix – a super absorbent, leak resistant and odor eradicating technology, suited for light bladder leaks, back up during your menstrual cycle and sweaty workout sessions.knixwear

FreshFix Air technology, is made with high performing moisture-wicking LYCRA®freshFX® fabric and designed to maximize movement and comfort, while providing built-in moisture wicking and eradicating odor which keeps you both fresh and panty-liner free.

Knix Wear is offered in a variety of stylish designs from the upgraded every day underwear; available in a range of styles from boyshort, to bikini to a high rise brief, to the Knixy, an exclusive all day lace lingerie that will keep you comfortable and feeling great all day long. Check out their products at