Creepy White Chocolate Halloween Mice

To say I love Halloween is an understatement. Every year I think of something interesting to wear and serve! Even if I’m not throwing a crazy Halloween party like I did last year, there’s always a potluck or event to show off your creations. This year I settled on the idea of making some creepy yet delicious mice. They are covered in white chocolate and have a gummy centre for a maximum gross factor.


4 oz white chocolate

4 oz cream cheese softened at room temp

2 Tbsps cookie crumbs

Wooden skewers

4 oz white candy melts or white chocolate for dipping

Gummy candies

Red candies for eyes

Oatmeal for ears

Red laces for tails

2 Tsps oil



Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler and once melted add the cream cheese

Mix well and add the cookie crumbs

Transfer to a smaller bowl, cover and refrigerate for 2 hours or until firm

Using two spoons divide it into 6 – 7 portions and drop onto a plate sprinkled with cookie crumbs

Roll into a ball and insert a gummy candy in the centre and skewer it from one end

Pinch the other end to give it a mouse shape

Heat up the chocolate in the microwave and add a bit of oil to make it more fluid

Using a spoon, drop the chocolate over the mouse and cover completely allowing all the excess coating to drip off

Once the chocolate is still tacky, insert the eyes and the ears and when the mouse is dry enough to touch, remove the skewer and insert the red tail


Photos By: Adam Ahmed

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