Da Zoo Toronto

DaZoo Toronto

Toronto is a great place as it offers diverse culture, amazing tourist attractions, versatile food joints and more. But when you think of Toronto, you don’t necessarily think of a booming fashion capital. Although, being a local resident, I would totally disagree and stand by the fact that this city offers varied styles. So there exists the question – how can one visiting or living in Toronto, while enjoying all the great things it has to offer, shop for or wear the ensembles of those who live in perhaps NYC, Paris on LA?

I recently discovered an answer to all your trending needs and wants. I present you – DA ZOO.


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A boutique located on King St. West, Da Zoo has an extremely impressive line-up of designers. Walking in, you can automatically tell the feel of the store is upscale and extraordinarily chic. An immaculate fusion of fashion, art, music and design, Da Zoo has one of the most interesting layouts I’ve ever seen. With skulls, and bell jars, the edgy atmosphere of this place is prominent. The extensive details and very well planned out interior is a true reflection of what the store represents.

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The location has to be perfect as it’s in the heart of Toronto’s fashion and shopping district and appealing to any and every fashionista. A little higher in the price spectrum, DA ZOO carries exclusive designers such as Balmain, DSquared2, Vivienne Westwood Man, Maison Martin Margiela and more.


The merchandise is definitely catered more towards men and the collection available for women is limited yet oh so swanky. I walked away with a button up piece from their label “613 King” that I simply couldn’t resist as it was so versatile and dark.


A little warning! The rock star appeal can start to get to you after spending about 5 minutes in store. You may enter with your urban get-up and literally walk out with a default mortgage payment but a new leather jacket!

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I had a chance to spend some time with the owner – Peter Haplin. He was on site styling my looks and making very attention-grabbing suggestions for what would look good on me. I thoroughly enjoyed engaging him and his right hand man Jakub as their personalities tied so well into their vision for the boutique. I could literally listen to him speak all day about his ideas and campaigns for upcoming fashion trends. It’s not every day you come across such artistic masterminds – so refreshing!

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So although this may not be an everyday destination for a basic, Da Zoo is undeniably available for the exclusive clientele that can meet the expense of the shelved Balmain lace boots. A great one stop shop to pick a high end yet timeless suit to wear for your day to day banker job yet convert easily into a mod night out. Happy shopping!