Discover New Travel Destinations This Summer

Relaxing Summer Vacation Destinations Without The Crowds

Want to go on a relaxing, sun-filled vacation while avoiding the popular tourist hotspots? There are plenty of new and beautiful destinations to explore that aren’t too far that offer flight and hotel packages or still offer the all-inclusive experience.

Whether you’re thinking of a family holiday or couple’s getaway, there’s a spot that’s perfect for you. Here are a few to consider for your next trip: 


Between beaches for every mood – from totally tranquil to windy and rugged – you’ll find colonial houses, tropical gardens and rolling sugarcane fields. Nip into the national dish of cou-cou and flying fish, or dance to calypso classics. You can settle in the sand, but Bajan culture might keep you on your feet.


The capital of the Bahamas injects urban flavour into the country’s easy-going island vibe. The island of New Providence features a coast dotted with historic structures in sorbet shades overlooking the divine beaches you came for. Upscale resorts line shores seconds away from fine-dining bistros and seafood shacks. Nassau offers a taste of the tropics, tinged with big-city thrills.


“One happy island” is the moniker for Aruba, one of the Dutch Caribbean islands north of Venezuela. This pleasure-packed place earns its joyous handle with the warmth of its locals, the beauty of its beaches, and the variety of its landscapes. Roam around its bright capital, venture to natural wonders or simply set yourself up on the sand with a smile.


This land parades between continents and oceans, crossed by an incredible man-made canal. Here you can get lost and found again on dreamy, deserted islands, in remote national parks or amid the festivals of the country’s cosmopolitan capital. Come for picturesque beaches and wildlife-laden rainforests, stay for unique Indigenous cultures, fragrant coffee farms and surprising scenery.

Turks and Caicos Islands

This archipelago includes about 40 low-lying coral islands, but many of its fine resorts are on Providenciales. Try restaurants around Grace Bay Beach to taste local delicacies like fresh conch salads. Then explore more islands like Grand Turk or paradisiac Parrot Cay. Luxurious and lively, historic and charming or wild and rustic, the islands here vary in their vibe.

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Source: NewsCanada