Discover Your Personal Brand (DYPB)

Bobby Umar

An interview with Brand Specialist and Inspirational Speaker – Bobby Umar

By Ashima Suri

TGIF! I hear that all too often from many people who just can’t wait till the work week is over. Mondays are days to be dreaded and Fridays are embraced with open arms. As a society, we have found ways to cope with the crazy work week. Sometimes we hit the bars, or head down to the cottage to relax. Other times, we join in on a Toronto festival or attend a special event. Too often though, we ignore our own personal and professional development and we get lost in the ‘craziness’.
Isn’t it time we discover the lost leader that is inside all of us? There is a special event in Toronto that can help you do just that. My conversation with four time Tedx Speaker Bobby Umar explains how we can get involved in discovering our personal brand.

Ashima: Bobby, tell us a little a bit about you?

Bobby: My purpose is to be a champion of authentic connection and heart-based leadership, I’ve been an explorer all my life with a background in brand marketing, engineering and the performing arts, I’ve spent 20 years getting to where I am today with Raeallan, whose mission is to discover, inspire and develop leadership. I’ve been honoured to have spoken to thousands of people across North America, authored a book, contributed to Huffington Post and spoken at TEDx 4 times.

Ashima: Tell us a little bit about the upcoming event – Discover Your Personal Brand?

Bobby: Let’s start with our Why: “There Are Lost Leaders Everywhere”. I say this because everywhere I go and everyone I meet, there is invariably someone who feels lost professionally, personally or academically. This happens whether you are in school, 5 years into your career or 20+ years. I say it’s okay to feel lost, because we all do, but it’s not okay to do little about it.
Our Vision is to create a new legacy event for Toronto (maybe Canada and the world!), much like Socialight, TEDxToronto and NBTC, specifically around Personal Branding. So many of us follow a path of success defined by other people. By investing in and understanding your Personal Brand, we can help anyone forge an authentic path of passion and purpose. There is a huge need for this, given that 76% of people feel dispassionate or unhappy with their jobs. We want to help any and all lost leaders.

Ashima: This sounds great! How can people get involved?

Bobby: THE event to cover EVERY aspect of Personal Branding you could possibly need. We have over 30 speakers including keynotes from Nathan Downer of CP24 and Alfredo Tan from Facebook Canada. We have panels on Entrepreneurs, Corporate Life, Mentorship, Media and even Relationships/Dating! We have breakout sessions to help people craft their personal brand but also focus on areas such as Facebook, Linkedin, Video content, Written content and more! Like I said, we cover just about every aspect of Personal Branding that one could ever need, no matter what stage of life they are in.
Finally, you can expect a ton of amazing people to network with, learn from and collaborate with them in the future. Isn’t the best time to invest in you now? If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Now is the time to determine what it is that you love to do, can become great at and make money doing it. The moment you find that true path to make you deliriously happy the rest of your life, you will want the rest of your life to start right away!

For more information on the upcoming event, please see below.

When: Aug 16, from 10am to 6pm at OISE, University of Toronto.

Registration: or the eventbrite page. – You can get a 20% off discount with the Promo code ‘DYPB20’

FB event invite:

The FB page is here:
Twitter: @DYPBTO
Instagram: @dypbto