Discovering Your Passions: A road map to Happiness

It struck midnight on New Years Day and I knew what I needed to do. In an uncertain world, I needed some certainty. I needed to know where I was headed. So I picked up an empty jar and started filling it up with colourful post-its that had intentions and gratitude written all over it!

There was something wonderful about beginning the New Year with hopes, dreams and new intentions. Even though I wasn’t sure how the year was going to unfold, I could say with complete certainty that my passion to truly live was set in stone!

passion projectThere is no greater passion project than the one that has your heart bursting with joy. It is uncanny how many people put themselves last on their to-do lists. And because they are last, they might not even get down to the list for some much needed self-care ‘me’ time! This is when the burnout happens. When you feel at your worst and just need mindless distraction to keep your focus on something other than what you need to do next. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You or your passions do not need to suffer! You can and should put yourself first on the list and not feel guilty about it!

It is no surprise that we can be our own worst enemies. The barriers that we have built are internal and it is only when we become aware of those barriers, do we begin to feel free to experience our passions.

Here is a simple 5-step road map to get you back and connected with the person that is the most important in this world — YOU!

  1. Identify the barriers that may be holding you back. Write them down on a piece paper and be totally honest. Do not judge yourself or the process as you start to become aware.
  2. Identify what brings you joy in life. This process can take a while but take the time you need to get in touch with what makes you happy.
  3. Start a gratitude journal. Gratitude shifts your focus to you and your life. It is an energy booster that gives you the momentum to find more things to be grateful for in life.
  4. Write down 2-3 things you would like to explore more of. It can be drawing, playing more sports, spending time with loved ones, creating something etc.
  5. Set some time every day to explore at least one thing on that list. Begin with 10 minutes a day and slowly increase as time permits.

passion project 2The best way to ensure you are first on your to-do list is do the one item you would like to do first thing in the morning. That way you eliminate any chance for those pesky excuses to creep in during the day. 10-minutes of YOU time will ignite your passions and create a momentum that will energize and uplift you.

The best sort of passion project is the one that focuses on what makes you happy. Let go of the guilt and give in to your passion. Trust me. YOU are worth it!

Happy Living!