Diwali Recipes

With Diwali just around the corner, you know your taste buds will be in a for a treat with tasty traditional favourites. But this year, why not change it up a little and add some new delights to your Diwali feast. Here are some must-try delicious recipes for this Diwali season!

Bal ArnesonAward-winning author, culinary personality and TV host, Bal Arneson, also known as the Spice Goddess, has once again partnered with Dairy Farmers of Canada, to create a new Diwali recipe collection featuring flavourful Canadian cheese made from 100% Canadian milk.

“I love having diyas at my front door, filling the house with flower petals and bright fabrics, but my most cherished part of Diwali is creating mouth-watering dishes for my family and friends,” said Bal Arneson. “I wanted to pass that joy onto everyone celebrating Diwali this year from coast-to-coast, so I created these recipes specifically for them to enjoy and share with their loved ones.”

Arneson’s inspiration for this recipe collection came from her observations of both younger and older generations embracing the best of Canada in their South Asian celebrations here. So she took her love of Canadian cheese and created these delicious, versatile, easy-to-follow recipes:

  • Mascarpone mango lassi: add dessert-like decadence to this refreshing festive staple with creamy Canadian Mascarpone, fragrant fennel and cardamom powder.
  • Lentil, kale and Feta salad: this hearty winter salad features the briny, crumbly tang of Canadian Feta, a perfect dish for entertaining friends and family.
  • Feta pakoras: this alternative to using paneer in pakoras works wonderfully, adding a zesty, pungent flavour that guests will find irresistible. Try substituting crispy fried Feta with Canadian Halloumi or Queso Fresco cheese too.
  • Ricotta chicken masala: creamy Canadian Ricotta gives this crowd-pleaser a smooth mellow texture and extra depth. With 34 grams of protein in just one serving, it’s also heart-healthy favourite!
  • Gajrela with Mascarpone icing: in this recipe (one of Arneson’s favourites), the velvety smooth Canadian Mascarpone really enhances the nuttiness of clove powder and the floral flavours of cardamom powder. This delectable winter dessert is sure to wow loved ones.


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